Lawsuit Against Space Entrepreneur Dropped

A civil lawsuit filed against Christopher Stott, owner of ManSat, a regulatory and orbital frequency company, has been dropped. Donna Beck had filed the suit in Harris County Court in Houston. Damages sought listed compensation for fraud, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and Texas Securities Act violations. Ms. Beck, however, has dropped the lawsuit. She cites discovery; she and Mr. Stott were misled by Arthur Dula, J. Buckner Hightower and others.

In September of 2012, Ms. Beck announced her intention to sue Dula, a patent attorney. Others listed in the lawsuit included Dula’s companies Excalibur Exploration Limited, Excalibur Limited, Excalibur Almaz USA Inc. and Excalibur Almaz Limited. Stott and Buckner Hightower, both Excalibur directors, were also named. The claim states that Ms. Beck and her late husbanded had been defrauded by as much as $300,000 by being induced into purchasing an investment of Excalibur Exploration Limited. According to her, the company provided a false representation of being capable of flying the first commercial flight to an asteroid. Her suit with Dula, Hightower and others remains unresolved.

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