Medical Malpractice Trial Ends in Favor of Physician

Any patient planning to undergo a medical procedure, no matter how serious, should know that a risk of further injury can occur during the procedure. Although this is rare and some medical malpractice cases are legitimate in their stance, a physician cannot always be held accountable for issues arising following a surgical procedure. For example, Dr. Darioush Kavouspour who has been accused of malpractice by a former patient, Lisa Moseley. Moseley alleged that Kavouspour had botched a surgical procedure performed on her on October 6th, 2009.

The nature and severity of the alleged injury sustained by the procedure was not made public. The suit by Moseley was filed on February 1st, 2011 and named Dr. Kavouspour and Surgical Critical Care Associates. The trial began on July 23rd of this year and ended two days later when the jury found that no negligence existed which held Dr. Kavouspour accountable. Moseley had been seeking damages for past and future anguish, disfigurement and pain.

Not only is solid evidence required to prove that a defendant is not liable in these types of tort cases, a highly-skilled team of defense litigators can also prove to be just as valuable.

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