Lamar University Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Dropped

A lawsuit was filed on May 9th, 2013 naming Lamar University, the Texas State University System and former University President James Simmons. The suit was filed by Vicki Ward. Larry Watts, Ward’s attorney, filed a motion for temporary stay on July 6th. The motion claimed Watts suffered a broken hip as the result of an accident. Court documents show that on July 10th the motion was granted by Judge Donald Floyd.

Judge Dismissed Two Defendants from Case

When the case resumed on October 28th, Lamar University filed a plea to the jurisdiction which affirmed Ward was still employed. It also affirmed that Ward’s amended petition naming the Texas State University System as a defendant had attributed no conduct and is not her employer. Floyd granted the motion dismissing Lamar and the Texas State University System on November 6th.

Finance Report Allegedly Cost Ward her Job

The lawsuit alleges that the president of Lamar University forced Ward out of her position as the Associate VP of Finance. Ward claims that after she presented the university with a negative report on the past year’s spending, which included $66,000 worth of gift cards and alleged illegal activity, she was forced out of her job.
The report also contained information claiming the school had misappropriated funds.

Wrongful Termination Laws in Texas

A majority of terminated employees have no wrongful termination rights in Texas. Courts generally do not favor suits of these nature and many tend to be unsuccessful. In most cases, courts will accept the employer’s reasons for termination as no cause is needed under the employment-at-will doctrine.

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