San Antonio Payday Lenders’ Case Dismissed

Last month, Bexar County District Court Judge Laura Salinas issued a dismissal for a lawsuit stemming from a case involving three payday lenders. The city was hoping to have the case permanently dismissed by the judge’s ruling. However, instead of ordering the case “dismissed with prejudice,” the case was ordered “dismissed without prejudice”. The ruling stipulates that the lenders may file the lawsuit again if they so wish. Nonetheless, the current case will not proceed further.

Citizen Protection vs. Lenders’ Profits

Cash Station, Ltd. and Rapido Dinero, Ltd. both operate under Power Finance. Texas Loan Brokers I, LLC operates under Texas Title Loans. All three were involved in the lawsuit against the city. The lenders are regulated by the state and a city ordinance was, according to them, hindering their profits. City representatives argue that the ordinance is essential for citizen protection against lending practices which may be regarded as predatory and abusive. The judge’s written ruling gave no explanation for dismissing the case as such. The three lenders’ attorney, John Dwyre, has not commented on which course of action the companies would take next.

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