Aetna’s Lawsuit Against Two Texas Physicians Dismissed

A Texas state court has dismissed claims against two physicians made by Aetna, a Fortune 500 American health care company. The two physicians had allegedly given patients referrals that bypassed their in-network agreements and violated Texas law.

The claims, made Dec. 26th, 2013, sought overpayment refunds valued at millions of dollars and a permanent ban to forbid alleged unlawful out-of-network referrals that violate Texas laws. In recent years, similar lawsuits by insurance companies have been made against physicians whose patients have implemented a freedom of choice by paying for out-of-network coverage under employer-sponsored health plans.

Robert Schaffer, a Texas state court judge, dismissed with prejudice the two claims against the physicians on March 26th, 2014. It remains to be seen if an additional “equitable accounting” claim will be dismissed in the future.

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