Practice Areas

Roerig, Oliviera & Fisher, L.L.P. incorporates experience and excellence in their practice, combining the skills of our 16 attorneys in their specialized practice areas. We believe our team-based approach, training and expertise offers you the most comprehensive legal services possible. Our practice areas include:

  • Insurance Defense: From filing petitions and motions to mediation and litigation, we protect insurance companies from fraudulent claims.
  • Semi-Truck Liability: We assist our clients from claims for injuries incurred by a semi-truck accident or any damages to property as a result of a collision.
  • Automobile Liability: We help protect clients from claims originating from injuries or damage to other people or property.
  • Construction Defects: If you have encountered a construction defect such as mold, damages or other architectural flaws, or need to defend against a lawsuit claiming such allegations, we can help.
  • Premises Liability: Safeguard yourself against fraudulent claims in the event of injuries sustained on your property.
  • Products Liability: We can help you recover damages from companies selling products that are defective or have been recalled.
  • Drug and Medical Devices: We will handle fraudulent claims ranging from drug ingestion, the misuse of medical devices, implanted or external.
  • Toxic Torts: We will assist our clients who have been falsely accused of being responsible for exposure to toxic chemicals, which have resulted in injury or disease.
  • Admiralty: We undertake claims involving maritime issues and accidents with the respect to international and territorial waters.
  • Professional/Medical Malpractice: Fraudulent or false claims regarding medical and/or professional negligence.
  • Employment Law: We help defend clients against a variety of work-related suits including claims of harassment and unfair business practices.
  • Banking: Our thorough knowledge of the banking and business laws help defend our clients against frivolous lawsuits.
  • Commercial Disputes: We handle business torts and contract disputes regarding falsifying claims or suits.
  • Governmental Liability: We defend clients who have been accused of wrongdoing with governmental matters; including law enforcement, civil rights, elections, etc.
  • Personal Injury: Our extensive experience with personal injury law assists in protecting clients against fraudulent personal injury claims.
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes: With regards to general liability, homeowner, automobile, fiduciary and other forms of insurance, we will represent our clients against false and fraudulent claims or suits.
  • Bad Faith Litigation: Our attorneys will assist any client accused of such matters as denial of coverage, denying benefits to policyholders, delaying resolutions of insurance claims, etc.

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