Homeowners Insurance Fraud

When looking to protect your home or personal property from dangers such as theft, fires or floods, homeowners insurance can provide the peace of mind you need. Insurance companies provide these services in good faith to allow their clients financial support when things go awry. However, there are many instances where people will take advantage of this protection for their own reasons.

Common Deceptions

Homeowners insurance fraud occurs when a policyholder makes a false claim on their insurance policy for an amount that is greater than their alleged loss. The action of submitting a false or questionable claim to acquire unwarranted monetary compensation can also be considered homeowners insurance fraud. Some of the most common instances of this fraudulent action include:

  • Increasing the value of a stolen possession after a burglary
  • Falsifying the extent, date, cause or location of real damage
  • Purposely damaging property to file a claim
  • Staging accidents or injuries
  • Creating false medical bills and increasing their amounts
  • Fabricating any sort of evidence to support a claim

Let Us Handle It

A fraudulent claim made by a policyholder can mean big trouble for your insurance company. This opportunistic action can bring a company outlandish financial problems and can additionally harm other policyholders who are subjected to increased fees.

The insurance defense lawyers of Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P. know how important your company is and will work diligently to help keep its integrity intact. We will look into every aspect of your case and study each piece of evidence to bring the truth to light.

Let us get started with the process of bringing you justice. For more information, contact us in McAllen today.