Automobile liability is the most important foundation in automobile insurance coverage. Determination of the amount of coverage for losses a policyholder has is determined by liability.

As this type of liability is also the most common in terms of insurance claim and lawsuit filing, we have extensive knowledge of the various scenarios that make up the field.

Automobile liability is an extremely complex field of general law, which is why our firm offers extensive mediation and trial representation. Our practice areas include:

  • Auto accident property claims
  • Injuries stemming from auto accidents
  • Wrongful death(s) and other personal injury claims
  • Semi-truck accident claims
  • Product liability claims

A majority of vehicle liability claims concern insurance coverage. Our attorneys will extensively research the claim to discover any inconsistencies or questionable factors that may incorrectly or unfairly hold our client liable. Insurance policies are complex; however that will not prevent us from properly defending your company’s interests. We will interpret such policies to ensure that our client is treated fairly and to prevent the other party from having an unfair advantage in an arbitration hearing or trial.

If a fraudulent automobile liability claim has been submitted, we will also defend you. We will not allow a policyholder who attempts to scam your company to succeed. Our attorneys will prevent any fraudulent payout as well as work to bring the schemer to justice.

We understand that automobile accidents can result due to product and/or design defects. Defending against such claims can be a challenge if you don’t have the proper guidance and professionalism that is required for a successful defense.

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