The defense attorneys from the law office of Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, LLP provide exceptional services for insurers whose clients, big and small, have been wrongfully accused of employment practice violations.

Our attorneys will provide clients with their unique skills regarding case-building, litigation and general employment law defense strategies. We will consult you during the pre-mediation/trial process by using these defense strategies to ensure that both you and your policyholder will not have to provide monetary damages for claims that are either questionable or outright false.

Employment law is a broad field of general law, made up of several different policies and regulations that employers must follow to remain within the field of both state and federal law. Listed below are common topics/violations that our attorneys have had extensive practice litigating in:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act enforcement
  • Workplace harassment (i.e. sexual harassment)
  • Employee handbook distribution and enforcement
  • Debilitated/handicapped employee accommodation
  • Human resource policy enactment and enforcement
  • Wage and hour dispute resolution
  • Drug and alcohol guideline enforcement
  • Disciplinary action and/or termination guidelines
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Employment agreements
  • Unemployment compensation policy enforcement

Our attorneys are also extremely knowledgeable regarding state and federal enforcement policies for employers and use this knowledge to determine if an insurer’s policyholder is liable in any claim where they have been named that is filed with the court. Our firm’s strong record of success is proof that we are the most trustworthy insurance defense firm in the Rio Grande Valley, and by choosing us, you have made the first step in clearing any and all liability that your company has been wrongfully accused of.

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