As an insurer, you have the duty to provide your services with the utmost professionalism and diligence. Your policyholders depend on your hard work and respect to fulfill every motion in their contracts.

Unfortunately, this provides a window of opportunity for some policyholders to make questionable and/or fraudulent claims against your insurance company.

A policyholder can file a bad faith claim against you if they feel you did not act accordingly and failed to fulfill your part of an insurance contract. A fraudulent bad faith claim is unfair to you and other honest policyholders, but don’t panic, legal assistance is available to help you deal with your lawsuit.

What Makes a Bad Faith Claim?

Our nation has seen a high amount of bad faith claims in recent times and the trend seems to be picking up steam. A bad faith claim is highly dangerous for your company’s reputation and financial stability. Paying large amounts of money to settle a lawsuit can cause a serious financial strain for you and can force you to increase the prices of insurance for other policyholders. A bad faith lawsuit generally involves accusations of:

  • Improper handling of investigations of policyholder’s damage
  • Delayed payout of benefits
  • Refusal to pay all the benefits in a contract
  • Refusal to defend a lawsuit
  • Making improper interpretations of an insurance policy
  • Threatening the policyholder
  • Seek Protection

Don’t let a false bad faith lawsuit take a heavy toll on your insurance company. Years of dealing with fraudulent claims have allowed our team of insurance defense attorneys the experience needed to make an effective fighting plan. Our professional legal experts are determined to find the evidence required to prove that the claims brought against you have no truthful basis. Whether you need assistance with filing a motion or require expert legal representation in the courtroom, you can count on us.

Let Us Help You

Don’t fight the troubles of a bad faith lawsuit on your own. Our biggest priority is helping you through these stressful times with the skills and expertise only years of working against scams can provide. The attorneys of Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, LLP can be reached at 956.393.6300 (McAllen office) or 956.542.5666 (Brownsville office).