The defense attorneys of Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, LLP possess impressive track records of successfully defending insurers from questionable and/or irrelevant claims of product liability.

At times, product manufacturers and distributors are falsely held accountable for defects that result in either injury or death. We have made it our mission to provide proper defense strategies and irrefutable evidence to prove that our clients have no liability for claims filed under questionable means.

Product liability often revolves around manufacturing and retail. However, liability cases may stretch into the areas where any merchandise is produced and/or distributed, automobile part defects/malfunctions and faulty construction equipment. If a manufacturer has been declared liable in a case involving their product, we raise questions that may force a jury to think otherwise. Questions may vary, though not necessarily focus, amongst the following:

  • If machinery has been provided to a worksite, was the equipment somehow tampered with that resulted in injury?
  • If equipment was installed, were installation procedures followed properly to avoid injury?
  • If equipment is provided to a worksite, was a licensed professional on-site to oversee that said equipment was properly installed?
  • If machinery was provided to a worksite, was it used for its intended purposes?
  • Was the machinery properly maintained periodically so as to prevent defects?

We understand that accidents happen at the workplace regarding machinery. However, it is important to be aware that products should be maintained to ensure their functionality and mishap prevention. The company who has provided the machinery should not be held liable for an injury that has been sustained at the fault of a worker not qualified to handle the product. That is where we come in. We will defend your company from having to provide monetary damages for an injury that could have been avoided if properly operated with.

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