We understand that trucking companies can experience issues relating to their drivers and any accidents they may have. Accidents may occur due to poor weather, negligence on the part of another driver or poor roadways.

If you are a trucking company who has had a suit filed against you due to an incident involving a driver who is your employee, know that our attorneys have successfully resolved numerous cases concerning truck accidents.

Our experience in litigating on behalf of interstate, intrastate freight and produce carriers as well as other trucking corporations gives us the advantage in the courtroom when it comes to defending your driver, your company and your interests. State laws govern the amount of liability truckers and their company has while on the road. Despite this, accidents involving these types of vehicles are overwhelmingly caused by another driver. An estimated 500,000 trucking accidents occur in the United States annually and 75 percent of these accidents, which involve a semi-truck, can be attributed to human error. Furthermore, these errors are caused by a driver other than the one operating the semi.

Whether an accident has resulted in damage to property or injury, we will defend your company against any lawsuit claims. If the claim names another driver as being at fault, or names your driver as being at fault, we will strive to resolve your case to your advantage. Damage to property may include other vehicles, homes, businesses or even the cargo the truck is transporting. State and federal laws require drivers of semi-trucks to be held liable for any incidents while on the road. We ensure that any possible incident is investigated thoroughly to ensure your company avoids unfair judgments or prolonged litigation.

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