The defense litigation practices employed by the attorneys of Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, LLP in Brownsville apply to various fields of defense law. Insurance coverage disputes are one of the most common matters the insurance industry seeks legal assistance for.

These disputes generally occur after an insurer or its attorneys discover questionable factors regarding the law, evidence, procedures or strategies within an insurance claim. Typically, attorneys representing the insurer will base their argument on:

  • Obligations of both policyholders and insurers
  • Policies and coverage listed within the insurance contract
  • Evidence that either supports or negates coverage stipulations

Triviality Has No Place in the Law

Thousands of questionable or trivial claims are filed with U.S. courts each year. Businesses, municipalities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are most often named as responsible parties. This mostly occurs due to jointly filed class-action lawsuits. The larger the amount of claimants named within a lawsuit, the more likely the insurer may be held liable unless specific contractual obligations were not violated. Unimportant or misinterpreted clauses more often than none result in lawsuits each year.

A Strong Defense through Effective Mediation and Arbitration

If an insurer discovers it has been wrongly named in a case involving liability, our attorneys can provide legal assistance to limit or avoid the provision of any monetary damages. The best possible outcome for this type of case is settlement through mediation to ensure the client provides the least amount of damages possible. Our attorneys will challenge the claim with strong evidence and arbitration, if the attorney feels no damages should be owed.

A Trusted Name for a Your Case

A coverage discrepancy or misinterpretation can cost an insurer thousands for single party claims or millions for multiple parties. Our team of litigators will thoroughly examine the policy’s claim to determine the amount of damages, if any, the claimant is entitled to. They will do their best to settle the claim through out-of-court mediation in order to avoid the trouble of an open-court challenge. Our goal is to settle your case as efficiently and quickly as possible without compromising your best interests.

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