If you happen to be a business owner, then you are aware of the possibility that a customer may suffer an injury while on your property, such as a slip and fall. The claimant may then file a suit that the business’s insurer will have no choice to pay for.

Whether the fault lies on the business or the customer is a matter to be settled by the court. Incidents of these types are common and may cause the insurer as well as the business lengthy litigation and mounting court costs without the proper defense. The premises liability attorneys of Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, LLP have made it their goal to uphold a client’s best interests during mediation or a trial through proficient defense litigation that is second to none.

Our experience in the field of premises liability defense does not only cover slips and falls as a cause of injury. We also have experience litigating in the defense of insurers having to pay for injuries sustained by:

  • A structure’s condition, such as loose floorboards, weakened staircases, etc.
  • Weather conditions that have created hazards, such as wet walkways, ice on the property, etc.
  • A failure of a building utility, such as wiring, plumbing, etc.

Each individual case demands thorough investigation to determine the true cause of any injuries sustained. Allegations should be evaluated, policies should be researched and most importantly, liability should be established. For example, if a tenant in an apartment complex suffers injuries from a fall down a staircase, is the landlord responsible for maintenance to ensure such an injury should be prevented, or is the tenant responsible for placing him/herself in such a position that resulted in said injuries? Our attorneys will review the evidence and witness testimony to prevent our client from either paying or overpaying for an incident that may have been easily avoided on the part of the accuser.

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